Becoming your own life mechanic

Life Garage Core Concept

We can develop the tools we need to take healthy control over our own lives.


One of the key ideas of positive psychology is to look at what we can do in a situation rather than focusing on what we cannot do. This is also one of the foundations of life coaching. As we become our own life mechanic, we will learn to change the things we can, and either accept the things we cannot, or seek the right help to explore those things further.


At the heart of seeking out what we can change is the idea of personal responsibility. However, this concept comes with some baggage which it is important for us to address. What taking personal responsibility is about:

  • Looking to find out what we can do now.

  • Deciding we can be empowered.

What taking personal responsibility is not about:

  • Accepting a situation is fair or just.

  • Being focused on blame.

Why is it important?

This concept is important because it is easy for us to feel helpless due to the bigger circumstances which might seem beyond our control. When we feel helpless it is easy for our circumstances to start to control us rather than for us to look at how we might be able to change our circumstances. If we are going to be our own life mechanic, we need to look for what we can change and how we can change it.

How do we build our life mechanic skills?

Like most skills in life, there will be some people who appear more naturally gifted and other who must work hard to succeed. Becoming your own life mechanic is no different. Yet, is true for people in both categories is that we improve and become more consistent with practice and commitment.

The SELF coaching model

Self-coaching is a self-directed activity to help you make decisions about your next step forward.

Control and its limitations

Focusing on changing the things that are within our power and accepting the things that are not.


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