Growth for life

Life Garage Core Concept

Living life well and meaningfully is an ongoing learning process.


Living life well is more likely to happen intentionally rather than accidentally. It’s therefore important that we create a structure around our life which helps us to regularly review where we are up to (like an annual MOT on a car). This structure can help us review where and how we are and plan how to move forward.

This intentionality requires us to consider two aspects: planning and responding. This final section is about considering how we can put these ideas in to place so we can create and maintain a way of living life well.

Adopting both the tools we will consider in this section helps us to recognise the need for resilience. No matter how well we plan life, we will always face challenges and unexpected issues. Working on making a life lived well will not make us immune from difficulty, but it will help us to respond in the way which is more consistent with the ‘us’ we want to be.

Creating a rule for life

Creating a rule for life helps us to think about how we want to live our life, what our priorities are, how we want to use our time, money and resources and helps us to live with integrity and purpose.

Finding fuel for the journey

Just as when going on a journey in a car we need to think about where we will refuel, in our life journey we also need to think about where we will fuel the things we want to achieve in life.


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