The flourishing self

Life Garage Core Concept

We need to know ourselves better to learn to thrive and not just survive.


When graduating from the School for Social Entrepreneurs I was asked what I had learned from the yearlong programme. My response was that I had learned that I needed to become more Dave.

Learning new ideas and trying new developments is interesting, but until we can integrate concepts with integrity to who we are, and our own values and vision, we can never really gain the most from them. In this session, we will consider how its only through becoming aware of our unique individuality that we can learn to flourish.


To thrive or flourish requires us to look at what we can change and what we need to accept rather than allowing our emotions and actions to be reactionary to our circumstances.

There are common characteristics held by people who flourish, but for now we will consider two:

  • Attention– people who flourish can recognise challenges and difficulties but are able to focus their mind on how they want to respond.

  • Intention– to flourish requires us to make positive decisions about how we want to respond to situations and understand what purpose our response serves.

Why is it important?

We are often subject to experiences in life which can leave us feeling overwhelmed or helpless. To be able to pay attention to our emotions and become aware and present to those moments can help us to recognise how we can respond and take control of our rushing mind. Once we then pay attention, we can set our intentions and flourish.

How do we learn to flourish?

We are going to consider two specific tools to help us pay attention, set our intention and flourish: practical mindfulness and the individuality of happiness.

Practical mindfulness

Mindfulness is about the ability to see things afresh through becoming more present.

The individuality of happiness

Whose idea of happiness or satisfaction are we pursuing?


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