Want to know how to get the best from

The Life Garage?


We all learn in different ways, so we have provided a variety of ways you can engage in The Life Garage. We've even got you covered if you want to use The Life Garage with other people.

As you work through The Life Garage core materials there will be some tools which you may feel you already have and some which might seem new. Regardless of how familiar you might be with the tools, when we’re tuning up our lives there is always room for us to learn to use them more consistently. One of the ways it can be useful to think about the application of the concepts and tools in The Life Garage is that they might be used in one of two ways: 

  • Repairs: Ideas related to making changes where things aren’t quite working right for you.
  • Maintenance: You might be doing well but that’s when it’s good to make sure you are continuing to plan and develop.

Using The Life Garage for yourself as your own Life Mechanic?

Then we have three options:


The Life Garage Mechanics Manual

Learn to be your a DIY Life Mechanic

If you like the satisfaction and structure of completing courses, so you'll be ready when the need arises, then we have just the thing. Our core course comes complete with quizzes and can be returned to whenever you like.


The Life Garage Mechanics Manual

Ongoing repairs and maintenance

If you just want to dip in and out of the ideas that are most relevant to you right now as a tool box for life, then this is the option for you.


The Life Garage Mechanics Manual

Mechanic's manual

If you prefer a printed workbook with space for notes and reflections, we get it. That's why we've created the Life Garage Mechanics Manual workbook format.

Want to use The Life Garage with other people?

We welcome anyone to use The Life Garage materials with other people. But if you want to make the best use of the materials with others we have three options:


Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanic Training

Train to be an Assistant Life Mechanic

Designed to ensure a consistent and theoretically grounded approach our Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanic Training will help you use the materials with other people in an ethical and effective manner.


Approved Life Garage Status

Apply for Approved Life Garage status

Want to officially offer The Life Garage to your staff, volunteers or community. Check out our Approved Life Garage offer which comes with a full support package.


The Life Garage Mechanics Manual

Give someone our Mechanics Manual

Why not buy a copy of our Life Garage Mechanics Manual for someone you know? You could give it to them as a gift, or talk them through it over a coffee.