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Introducing wellbeing DIY

What do you think of when you hear the term wellbeing? Perhaps you think of someone seated cross legged with their eyes closed and fingers touching making a humming noise. Well, if that was what wellbeing was about, I think it’s pretty certain it wouldn’t be that relevant to most of us. For me, the concept of wellbeing became real when after working in the probation service for thirteen years I had a mental breakdown and was off work for six-months with anxiety and depression.

Up until that point, like most people, I had ups and downs, but just pushed on with life without every really thinking to stop and ask if I was really getting the most from life. Some lyrics from the song Heavyweight Champion of the World by Reverend and the Makers sum it up perfectly:

He's compromising, at least he's got a job for life …  If you're not living on the edge, you take up too much room.

Through counselling and the right medication, I was able to get back on track, but with the new knowledge that I didn’t want to return to a compromised life. I resigned from my job and started working for myself. Life was less secure, but more fulfilling. But ultimately, how secure was it anyway? We never know what is around the corner, but we can take control of how we are and what we do now. And this is really the foundation of understanding wellbeing, or as we like to say, how to live life well.

As we work through The Life Garage, keep focused on this idea; wellbeing is more than just good mental health, it is living life well.


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